February 4, 2018


Recovery coaching can simply be defined as a well-organized technique used to help people who are dealing with addiction and seeking recovery. Individuals will be guided through a series of steps, which can help them begin and maintain a life of sobriety and recovery.
This step by step method is guaranteed to assist those in recovery if there is a willingness to engage and be open to the process.


How can a recovery coach help you, or someone you love?

A Recovery Coach can provide excellent assistance to individuals who are going through a painful time in their lives or trying hard to get rid of a painful addiction. Here are a few services that a recovery coach can provide to enhance quality of life:
  • Assistance Developing Practical Tools Applicable to Daily Life
  • Relapse Prevention Planning
  • Short Term/Long Term Goal Setting
  • Milestone Planning
  • Network and Provider Referrals
  • Appropriate support in navigating through obstacles that have proven insurmountable in the past.
  • Identifying triggers that may increase emotional risk. 
  • Working with clients at any stage of recovery
  • Developing crisis plans
  • Assistance in developing support networks
  • Identifying areas which have presented or may present roadblocks to recovery
  • Supporting the client through challenges arising in everyday activities.

For some, this is done through several one-on-one sessions each week. Some prefer telephone contact. I also offer video sessions through a secure, HIPPA compliant portal. Reach out today and we will start working on a program that is right for you!