Recovery is possible.

My goal

My goal is to provide an affordable & flexible way for individuals to access resources and tools to begin the recovery process. Each person is different, and each person has different goals. I believe it is important to address the “whole person”. Physical wellbeing, emotional wellbeing, and spiritual wellbeing are all critical to developing and maintaining a balanced life in which one can grow and explore options. My goal is to offer a fully custom plan of action for each person I work with based on what is most important to them. Through support, education, and guidance, my goal is to help people live fulfilling lives.

Weekly sessions (video conference, phone, and in-person available); Unlimited access to email for support between sessions; Very practical homework for continual growth and evolvement.

The belief that all of our issues would be solved if alcohol and drugs were not in the picture is alluring, but it is false. Through using a recovery coach, we address the reasons for these self-destructive coping mechanisms. We are more than the label of "addict" or "alcoholic". We are people who have been doing the best we can with what we have. The good news I intend to share with you is this: There is another way. There is life on the other side.

Latest news

I make a sincere effort to return all emails within 24 hours. Whether you are ready to schedule with me, inquire about my sliding-scale pricing, or just starting to think about your options, I would love to hear from you!